Welcome to the International Gaming Association's Server Status System. Important information regarding outages and current service status will be placed here.
If you notice something is offline file a support ticket at this site. If this does not respond please notify networking (at) imagogame.com or call 1 (855) 984-1866.

IGA Server List & Statuses

Name Notes Hostname & Port
IGA Website http://www.imagogame.com/
TS3 ts.imagogame.com:9987
ARMA3 arma.imagogame.com
Halo halo.imagogame.com
Rust rust.imagogame.com:28015
Empyrion emp.imagogame.com
MadnessMC madness.madnessmc.com:25565
Cards Against Humanity https://cah.imagogame.com:8080/
Support Portal https://support.imagogame.com/
Hosting Portal https://service.imagogame.com/billing/